Railway Transportation

Railway Technology

AIS sensors for train applications

Safety on train applications

Chassis suspension diagnosis and monitoring on the railway transportation is increasing steadily. Security and cost-effectiveness have supreme priority.

Together with Siemens Mobility AIS GmbH developed several unaxial and triaxial accelerometers in capacitive technology                                                                    

Several MEMS capacitive chips have been tested. Our sensors are running under endurance test conditions into VELARO high speed train in Russia.

Sensor for derailment protection and chassis diagnosis

Our sensor AIS 37A0-250 has been developed for chassis diagnosis and further on as a control system on the bogie as well as prime spring-mounted or attached to the gear set on high speed trains. Different sensor housings with fastening holes and different measuring ranges are available.

The sensor is already qualified and protection class IP67/IP68 is confirmed. An additional protection circuit allows operation under rude conditions. The performance varies under different conditions accordingly.